Welcome Assoc. Prof. Weixin Wang ​from Northwest Industrial University Mingde College, China to be Committee Member!

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Assoc. Prof. Weixin Wang

Northwest Industrial University Mingde College

Research Area: 

International commercial rules; Economics of law

Research Experience:

Graduated from northwest university of political science and law in civil and commercial law major, middlebury college full-time teachers of northwestern polytechnical university, since entering the middlebury college in 2002, has been engaged in relevant professional teaching of law, in the main teaching of economic law, international commercial law, finance law and other courses at the same time, also engaged in economic law, international trade rules, and other professional academic research, publication, article 17, the core journal 4, 1 Replicated Journals of Renmin University, ISTP (CPCI) 1, write 2 economic law textbooks.He was also awarded the title of outstanding teacher of shaanxi province in 2019.In addition to paying attention to theoretical teaching and scientific research, I also actively organized teachers and students to participate in teaching practice activities. Over the years, I organized students to participate in the international trade finals of the national business elite challenge, and achieved excellent results for many years in a row. I was the person in charge of the competition in shaanxi province.As a member of the national standardization association, I have participated in the formulation of two industry standards and one standard at the same time.He is a registered mediator of commercial dispute mediation center of China council for the promotion of trade and a member of vocational education and training standardization technical committee of China council for the promotion of trade. He has rich experience in law teaching, practice and standardization.

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